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Privacy policy

Thank you for visiting popolls.com. This is a website for Q & A and sharing views. We are committed to a neutral position because we are independent third parties. In addition, your privacy is very important to us. In order to better protect your privacy, we will elaborate on the process of collecting and using the information in this privacy policy. If you do not accept the terms of this privacy policy, please do not use popolls.com website and services.

What We Track:
Like any online web site, when you access our site through a IP address or domain name, the web server will automatically identify and record your domain name, IP address, and access. Time and browser types. These information will not be specific to individuals, only for the entire site's statistical information, and in order to improve the quality of popolls service and understand your needs. In addition, popolls domain name uses SSL encrypted by server providers to transmit any information. We also promise that the popolls server side will not report using any 'spyware'.
Your software, hardware, and purchase information.

About track of popolls:
Similarly, as with any online web site, sites and browsers use the cookie/ database to store user information, and you can see the cookie settings directly in the browser, which is used for your sharing. When a point of view or a question is answered, distinguish between you and other customers. We promise that your registration information is from the transmission to the storage in the trusted third party server trusteeship platform (GoDaddy), in your answer Or after sharing our views, we will interact with you in time.
In addition, after you register, we will help you solve problems and needs. If you do not need to interact with us, you do not need to register, you can browse general information.

Disclaimer affirms:
All the information of this station is only a standpoint of independent third party. It is limited to the communication between the station and the visitor. It is forbidden to use the visitor for other purposes. Also, please contact the stationmaster. If the visitor is used for other purposes, the station does not bear any responsibility.