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The profile of Greenshields Industrial Supply

Contact Person of Greenshields Industrial Supply: Jon Parks
Annual Sales: Under $1 Mil
Number of Employees: 1-9
years found: 1953
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Distributor of hose & fittings (fluid power), rigging, hoists, climbing gear, hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, ground engaging equipment, outdoor power equipment, safety equipment, scaffolding, air compressors & storage equipment. Fluid power products include hose, fittings, adapters, hose & tube assemblies, brake lines, connectors, couplers, gauges, nozzles, bushings, caps, plugs, clamps, nuts, tubing, unions & valves. Rigging products include lifting slings & assemblies, chokers, chain, wire rope, cable, nylon slings, shackles, hooks, links, rings, turnbuckles & hammerlocks. Tools include sockets, wrenches, tools sets, pullers, torque wrenches and specialty tools. Climbing equipment includes climbing hardware, harnesses, saddles, belts, lines, spurs, straps & shin guards. Types of ground engaging include bucket teeth, cutting edges, undercarriage, tracks, rubber tracks, pins, retainers & plow bolts. Storage includes truck boxes, tool boxes, parts bins, cabinets, job boxes & fuel transfer tanks. Outdoor power equipment includes zero turn lawnmowers, trimmers, hedgers, edgers, chainsaws, blowers & pressure washers.
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