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Distributor of automatic lubricating systems including lubricating system accessories. Automatic lubricating systems such as single-point lubricating systems and multi-point lubricating systems are available. Single-point lubricating systems are available in single-use, reduced-pressure reusable and high pressure reusable configuration models. Lubrication system accessories such as fittings, adapters, brackets, applicators and other related system parts are available. Multi-point lubricating systems are high pressure and reusable type multi-point lubricating systems. Automatic lubricating systems are used for grease or oil lubrication application products such as bearings, chains, open gears, roller rail systems, conveyors and sliding guide-ways. Markets served include quarries, steel mills, pulp/paper mills, power plants, automotive, robotics, aviation, food/dairy, water/wastewater treatment plants and industrial.Power Lube Industrial, formerly known as PLI, LLC, is a company with over 42 years of experience in the self-contained automatic lubricator field. This family-owned business was started by its matriarch at a time when women were unheard of in the industry. Today, third generation family members are as dedicated to your needs as our founder.

As Power Lube Industrial expands its offerings, with new selections of selective, cost-saving industrial lubrication solutions, we invite our customers to share in our excitement.

The experience, dedication and knowledge of our seasoned personnel will be evident as you share your lubrication needs. Our expertise is problem solving and we look forward to discussing the most cost-effective and reliable solution to your lubrication needs.
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