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The profile of Solares Florida Corporation

Contact Person of Solares Florida Corporation: Not Available
Annual Sales: $5 - 9.9 Mil
Number of Employees: 10-49
years found: 1975
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Stocking distributor & mfr's. rep. of liquefied petroleum/ammonia gas automation products & terminal automation products. Products include pressure regulators, pipes, valves, pumps, gas compressors, measurement & control products, transfer hoses & rewind reels, storage cylinders & tanks, pipe fittings & valve accessories. Petroleum group products such as meters, systems, loading arms, tank gauging systems, inventory control system, additive injectors, ethanol blenders, wireless data transmission systems & radio modems. Custom fabrication, engineering, designing, system integration & on-site startup/commissioning services are available. Markets served include oil, gas & petrochemical industries. Oil & gases transportation services are available.Solares is an industry leading systems integrator and distributor providing mission-critical technology solutions for the oil and gas transportation and distribution industry. Our Refined Fuels and LPG/NH3 business unit excels in process systems and measurement technologies for the transportation, storage, and custody transfer of gases and liquids.

Solares sets the standard for sales, distribution, and service of precision products and systems used to measure and control liquids and gases for the petrochemical industry. Solares is based in Miami and serves the Florida, Caribbean, and Central American markets
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