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The profile of Fuller Industries, LLC

Contact Person of Fuller Industries, LLC: Not Available
Annual Sales: $10 - 24.9 Mil
Number of Employees: 500-999
years found: 1906
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Custom manufacturer of brushes. Various types of brushes include bench, deck, bottle cleaning, coiled, bristle, cup, cylinder, disposable, lathe, polishing, OEM, twisted wire, maintenance, spiral, special, rotary, scrub, and floor, strip. Also offering private label manufacturing. Mounting flanges, seals and holders are also available. Applications include agriculture, aerospace, bakery, commercial door, lawn and turf, packaging, machine tool and printing. Made in the USA.Fuller Industries, LLC formally known as Fuller Brush is a manufacturer of Custom Brushes and Private Label Chemicals. ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C certified. We offer engineering support. Our brush capabilities include metal back strip brushes made with various bristle materials; nylon, polypropylene, Tampico, horsehair, oil tempered wire, and stainless steel wire. Some of the custom brushes are cylinder brushes, coil brushes, disposable coil brushes, cup brushes, formed brushes, brush assemblies, gun brushes, brushes used in aerospace, brushes used in lawn and turf applications, brushes used in agriculture equipment. Construction brushes, conveyor brushes, food industry brushes, sporting goods brushes hand brushes, twisted wire brushes, garage door brushes, fire door brushes, OEM brushes, automotive brushes, special made brushes to customer specifications, tufted brushes, hair brushes, cotton swabs, industrial twisted wire brushes, pipe and tube brushes, dry vent brushes. Our facility is FDA
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